Our Garden: A Permaculture Design in Year 7

Welcome to our "garden paradise" in its 7th year (2016-17).  Check out last year in our garden.  Also check out next year in our garden.  Here's how it looked in its 1st year.

spring flooding... thank goodness for the pile of woodchips raising the level of the garden by the sidewalk
spring flooding... the mini swale is working!
spring salad <3
chives, catnip, silverweed and clover, with espalier pear tree in background
chives, catnip, silverweed and lupin, with currant bush and plum tree in background
willow "woven" fences
my first graft that took!  Asian pear scion on a Manchurian pear tree
our first haskap berries, with wood and cultivated strawberries
black raspberries and red currants
massive comfrey leaves
cucumber kimchi
oregano and elderberry tinctures
mint, sorrel, lemon balm, chicory and garlic mustard
mint, sorrel, lemon balm, chicory and garlic mustard pestos
Maximilian sunflowers
gifts from a community workshop a few years ago

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