Permaculture Tour: Bees, Mushrooms, Herbs, Urban Wilds, Food Forest...

Sunday, July 23, 2017 -- 9:00am to 5:30pm.

The starting address is 2389 Pépin Court, Ottawa, ON.  (Sorry, a few people had problems receiving the event emails.)

Where: Ottawa & Wakefield.

Cost: $69, includes HST.

Buy your tickets now!  (There was a waiting list last year.)

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Join us for a detailed tour of five sites, featuring: bees, wildcrafting, mushrooms, maple syrup, urban gardening, food forests and so much more! We'll start the day with a quick intro on "what is permaculture?".  Our tour will visit Radical Homestead, The Wild Garden, Nanabush Food Forests, Nature Connections, and Ferme et Forêt.


Radical Homestead

Radical Homestead beesRadical Homestead beesRadical Homestead bees

Forged out of a desire to consume less and be more self-reliant, Radical Homestead founders Corrie and Ron decided to challenge themselves to learn a new skill every week. From kimchi to beekeeping, this experience transformed them – deepening their connection with the Earth, their food, and enhancing relationships with friends and family. They currently keep about 30 bee hives in the Ottawa Greenbelt at the Just Food Farm in Blackburn Hamlet. These bees have an abundance of flowering trees and shrubs to forage from as well as the delicious organic veggies from farm neighbours. Radical Homestead's offerings include beekeeping and fermentation workshops, honey, lip balms and a fermented foods CSA. On this tour, learn about and meet the bees. Check out the Radical Homestead & Permaculture video on youtube.


The Wild Garden

Wild Garden harvestWild Garden apothecaryWild Garden harvest

The Wild Garden provides community members with local, organic and sustainably harvested wild foods and herbs, grown and gathered with permaculture principles in mind. As an educator, owner Amber Westfall also fosters nature connection, and a greater intimacy and deeper understanding of the local landscape, in her students, while encouraging stewardship, co-creative relationships and regenerative care of the spaces we inhabit. Amber is a simple living, nature loving, weed eating, backyard medicine making, urban homesteader passionate about wild foods and healing plants. She loves sharing that passion with others through plant walks, workshops and teaching courses on herbalism. On this tour, visit her plot and apothecary at the Just Food farm. Check out The Wild Garden & Permaculture video on youtube.


Nanabush Food Forests

Nanabush food forestsNanabush food forestsNanabush food forests

This demonstration food forest serves as an excellent living example of continuous improvement in overcoming difficult conditions to create productive agricultural spaces.  Hugelkultur mounds, bokashi, mycorrhizae and catch ponds are some approaches employed to improve tilth in the swampy, clay soil on this challenging property.  Shelley and John are the enthusiastic forestry team responsible for this young food forest established at the Just Food farm as well as several other food forests on unique spaces within the City of Ottawa.  By design, gardening in these forests allows them to balance their busy full-time jobs while creating spaces that build soil structure, use less water and yield a dramatic amount of highly nutritious food per square meter.  Their contagious enthusiasm drives the creation of more food forests, beautiful and resilient food production zones to feed both body and spirit.


Nature Connections

Nature ConnectionsNature Connections urban garden

Gardens of any size can help meet so many of our basic needs without sacrificing the beauty. Well designed gardens can help you eat local and organic; attract birds and other wildlife; improve soil, water, and air quality; and much more! Learn how to use the space you have more efficiently to meet more of your needs while improving the health of your family, your community, and the planet. Nature shouldn't be thought of as "out there" and separate from us. It is right here, in the city in your backyard or nearest park. It is growing in any neglected parking lot, and in the cracks of our sidewalks. We can touch the Earth and plant a seed on your balcony, in your backyard, or nearest community garden. On this tour, visit the home garden of Brittany and Alister, creators of "Nature Connections", at their small and intensive urban space filled with food and life, designed using permaculture principles. Check out the Nature Connections & Permaculture video on youtube.


Ferme et Forêt

Ferme et Foret mushroom logsFerme et ForetFerme et Foret maple syrup

Sean Butler and Genevieve LeGal-Leblanc started Ferme et Forêt in 2013 on a 150 acre farm near Wakefield, Quebec. They draw inspiration from permaculture and biodynamics to produce a wide array of organic products, including maple syrup, eggs, wildcrafted foods and fibres, forest grown shiitake and winecap mushrooms, asparagus, small fruit, orchard crops, honey, garlic, and baked goods. They think that farming is a prime leverage point for humans to not just survive, but to thrive. If we humans can change the way we do agriculture, making it regenerative rather than degenerative, we can actually feed ourselves and make this planet a more enjoyable and beautiful place for us and all of life to live. Their core guiding principles in this endeavor are: ecosystem regeneration; social capital; individual well-being; fair share; respect for all life. On this tour, visit their site and learn about the workings of their dynamic farm. Check out the Ferme et Forêt & Permaculture video on youtube.


Please note:

  • Rain or shine!  
  • NO REFUNDS unless we cancel the event; in which case, you will receive a full refund.
  • No meals or transportation are provided on the tour.
  • There will be a lot of walking/standing during the tour.
  • This is a guided group tour, so we will meet in the morning and visit each site together.
  • The tour map and itinerary will be emailed to ticket-holders the week before the tour.
  • We encourage folks to set-up carpools.  Stay tuned for details!

Buy your tickets now!

Offer or request a carpool.



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