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  • Perhaps you are looking for customised training and/or facilitation for a community project.
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We offer customised WORKSHOPS on:

  • Permaculture Design on the Land: Working with nature to create and restore health and abundance on the landscape
  • Social Permaculture Design: Working with ecological principles to create more efficient and harmonious businesses and organisations
  • Gardening like the Forest: Designing, Starting and Maintaining Edible Forest Gardens
  • Home and Community Food Gardens: Designing, Starting and Maintaining Food Gardens that are Friendlier for People and the Earth


We do PUBLIC TALKS. Here are a few popular topics:

Embracing Life in an Age of Ecological Destruction and Climate Chaos (Mini-Workshop)

In these challenging times, as we collectively face painful realities and despair, it also serves us well to cultivate hope and take action. This session addresses self-care, explores our mortality along with the global ecological crisis, and asks how to create more meaning through taking care of the life around us.

Join us for a: Short reading from the new book, "Embers of Hope: Embracing Life in an Age of Ecological Destruction and Climate Chaos"; guided visualisation; personal reflection; small group discussion; Q&A with the author.


Working with Nature in the Garden: Permaculture Principles & Design

What can nature teach us about gardening? How can (re)design our gardens to optimise resources, make less work for ourselves and be more ecologically friendly? In permaculture, we learn to “design like nature”, drawing on simple principles from the natural world. These include: work with nature, start small and slow, emphasise multiple functions, create redundancy, promote beneficial relationships, use renewable resources, cycle resources, maximise diversity and edges, work with evolution, and be creative. Learn about permaculture principles and various ways to apply them in our gardens, as well as permaculture design examples in the garden and in an edible forest garden.


Gardens that Mimic Nature: Edible Forest Gardens

Interested in growing more of your own food and doing less work, while taking care of the soil and water, creating natural spaces for the animals and supporting healthier ecosystems? In permaculture (ecological design), we aim to mimic Nature. Our gardens can provide food, medicine, firewood, building materials, habitat, microclimates, privacy and beauty. Learn about: "edible forest gardens", designing for layers and functions, as well as some useful trees, shrubs and perennial herbs for our cold climate.


Help Your Garden & Mother Earth: Simple Strategies for Soil-Building, Carbon Sequestration, Cleaner Groundwater & Biodiversity

Are you interested in fostering a healthier ecosystem in your garden and helping to address climate breakdown? In permaculture, we look to the living world as our guide. Learn simple strategies that "work with nature" to add organic matter to the soil, sequester carbon, protect groundwater, promote biodiversity, and do less work.


Food, Perennials, Soil & Water: The "Why & "How" of Some Permaculture Strategies in the Garden

Are you interested in creating greater harmony and doing less work in your gardens? Are you curious about including edible and medicinal plants, attracting pollinators, building healthier soil and fostering healthier ecosystems? In permaculture, we learn to “design like nature”, drawing on simple principles from the natural world. Learn about: some basic design principles and some strategies to facilitate more biodiversity, more organic matter in the soil, cleaner water and less work, including: sheet-mulching (lasagna gardening), edible forest gardens (companion planting of edible or useful annuals and perennials), hugelkulturs (to create beds from woody material) and swales (to harvest water).


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"Thanks Bonita!  Your presentation and delivery still stand out in my memory as one of the very best parts of the [Canadian Master Gardeners] conference."  ~Lou Loree, Haliburton County Master Gardeners

"Wonderful! Informative, well organised, engaging, life changing!"  ~Rose

"I learned a lot of valuable things that I'm sure will be valuable to me and many others for years to come. The teachers were excellent and drew on their distinct areas of expertise. [I appreciated most] meeting and learning from an amazing and diverse bunch of people; feeling a sense of community; a collaborative learning experience; feeling inspired and growing in confidence."

"Interesting, exciting, creative, focused, busy. Lots of inputs, lots of outputs! [I learned] how connected this is to my values, beliefs and to the work I do and to the work I could do."  ~Kim S.

"[I learned] endless things that feel part of me now to the point that I have a hard time remembering I once didn't know. [I appreciated most] connecting with like-minded people who had so many resources and knowledge to offer (starting with the teachers)... [The] open-ended nature of teaching meant we could learn from so many people -- much richer than anything you could get from a book or video."  ~Tim

"I think I saw everyone transform a bit. Eager/curious/anxious -> empowered."  ~Geoff




Northeast Permaculture Convergence 2013, opening session with Bonita Ford, Eric Toensmeier and Bernard Alonso permaculture course in Haiti